Welcome to Abroad Care

Abroad Care is a recruiting agency located in Dhaka District, Dhaka Division, Offering job placement and consultation services to individuals searching for employment opportunities abroad. Abroad Care helps to provide the resources and advice needed to successfully find work and settle in a new country.


Let's globalize your career with us!


Abroad Care is a Manpower Deployment service which provides businesses all around the world with a cost-effective way to deploy staff as needed. Our services will focus on finding, recruiting and deploying personnel in a quick and cost-effective manner. We believe that this service can help companies save money and time in the long run while providing them satisfactory service.

Our Mission

We are confident that our Manpower Deployment service can help businesses save time & money and provide them with satisfactory personnel deployment services. We believe that we have the experience and resources necessary to succeed in this endeavor and look forward to servicing our future customers.

Our vision

We plan to focus all types of companies in the service industry that need personnel to be deployed in different locations. We believe that there is a demand for this type of manpower deployment services and that we can provide a cost-effective solution to those that need it.